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    Features of eBin:

    • Intelligent Monitoring
    • IoT fill level Sensors
    • Know the fill level garbage bins
    • SmartBin Live Dashboard
    • Collection operations become more efficient and Smarter
    • It will stop overflowing of dustbins along roadsides and localities
    • Lightweight
    • Capture customer feedback
  • Smartbin is smart waste bin sensor is compatible with any type of container installation to monitor any type of substance or waste in real-time. smart waste bin sensor can be attached to any type of container to monitor the fill-level. Its ultrasonic fill-level sensor enables it to detect any type of waste.


    How it works

    Smart waste bin sensor transmits data it collects in real-time through wireless networks to smartbin waste management platform,. 2G and 3G telecommunication modules are available through WCDMA, GSM and Lora networks.

    Sensor Based Waste Collection Bins is used to identify status of waste bins if it is empty or filled so as to customize the waste collection schedule accordingly and also save the cost.