eVote System

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    Features of eVote:

    • Immediate Voting Result.
    • Strict Authorisation Standards.
    • Tamper Proof Methodology.
    • On-Site, At-Venue Comprehensive Service Delivery Option.
    • Online, Real-time Service Delivery Option.

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  • eVote System

    Electronic voting (also known as e-voting) is a term encompassing several different types of voting, embracing both electronic means of casting and counting votes.

    Introducing for the first time in India – A Comprehensive Web Based Electronic Election Solution. eVote powered by NITYAM Software Solution – provides a tamper-proof, immediate and accurate voting result. A system, which is not only user-friendly but also cost-effective.

    How is it beneficial ?

    • Security & Privacy: Secure System as data is stored using double encrypted code. e-voting system runs on secure layer means https:// so data transfer on this system is 99% secure, no one can steal or hack the data.
    • Increased Participation: Ballots are displayed electronically; there are no limitations on a ballot’s appearance and voting process is more convenient.
    • Election officials do not need to estimate how many ballots to order for each possibility; any particular format could be called up as situations arise.
    • Fraud protection: e-voting raises concerns about the people with legitimate access to the systems, for example, system administrators who could manipulate the tallying process. There is no involvement of system administration during election process.
    • Flexibility
    • Fast Speed & Accurate vote counting process
    • Remote participation from any device connected to the Internet (including PCs and mobile devices)
    • Customised solution, can be changed/modified as per your requirement at minimal cost.
    • Save Paper Go Green
    • Improved accessibility
    • Greater accuracy
    • Lower risk of human and mechanical errors.
    • Reduce staff time needed to manage elections
    • Slash mailing, tabulating and ballot costs

    The system can handle board elections, regional elections, donor surveys using industry-leading security. You don’t have to wait until your next major conference or meeting to vote on an important referendum or elect a board.

    NITYAM has an experience of conducting Successful Electronic Voting at prestigious organisations like IMA (India Medical Association), AMC (Association of Medical Consultants) etc.